This unique facility was designed to improve the school readiness of young children through the development of science, math, literacy, language, and technology skills. Qualified early childhood education specialists will guide children through creative, hands-on, interactive encounters using a research based curriculum. The learning environment here will get children excited about learning and will broaden educational horizons paving the way for success in school.



Are you ready for a big adventure?

Grab your passport and travel to places around the world and beyond at the Early Scholar’s Academy! At the ESA children will visit the tropical rainforest and the polar regions of the earth before blasting off to Mars in a model spacecraft simulator. Once they touch back down to earth, they will explore the depths of the ocean in a model submersible and discover the wonder of marine life. They will examine plants and animals that inhabit earth from the deepest oceans to the rolling plains, while investigating the life cycle of plants and trees. They can then dance, skip, jump, and tumble their way to learning about the amazing human body and how it works.

Join us at the ESA for an educational journey to remember!

Calling all second-graders! The ESA will be hosting a Career Day where young children will have the opportunity to visit with professionals from several different industries and learn about different career paths and industries. Local professionals will talk to students about the work they do in their jobs and why it is important to stay in school. They will explain the kinds of things students must learn and how they can shape their futures with the career choices they make. Career Day will include grade-level appropriate activities related to careers and education pathways. Come explore the promising futures of tomorrow for today’s young children!

Bring your child(ren) to Storytelling Time at the ESA and help them develop a love for books! Children will be captivated by storybooks as ESA staff use props and costumes to bring the books to life. Storytelling Time is targeted toward two- to three-year-olds and includes themed activities centered on age-appropriate books. Parents and care-givers will accompany their young learners through planned visits to the discovery areas and will help children make relevant literacy connections using hands-on learning experiences and play activities. Come experience the magic of books at the ESA!